Our Products

Our suite of smart technology solutions enable workflow by supporting real time delivery of patient-centric programs and professional services as part of existing pharmacy workflow.

Our products include Access Point™ Consultant which works locally with the pharmacy’s dispensing system and provides an expansive tool set which allows pharmacists to seamlessly integrate professional services and other revenue-generating programs into existing pharmacy workflow. Access Point™ Consultant works with your existing hardware and infrastructure, requiring no incremental capital investment. As a centralized, cloud-based solution, Consultant provides a network for chain and banner environments, with the ability to centrally deploy programs and new releases, despite varied dispensing systems.

Our Automated Communications Engine, Access Point™ ACE is capable of supporting one and two-way Integrated Voice Recognition (IVR), Email and SMS follow-up with each patient.

Performance and outcomes measurement are supported through Access Point™ Reports. This product provides robust reporting capabilities for the purposes of research, advocacy, and measuring patient health outcomes, such as adherence.

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