About Pharmacy Access Solutions Inc.

At Pharmacy Access Solutions Inc. (PASI) we believe in the pharmacist; their unique skills and knowledge, and the important role they play in patient health counselling. We provide products that use automation to target the right patient at the right time with the right message. Our goal is to reduce administrative requirements and introduce efficiency, allowing the pharmacist to focus their valuable time on patient health care needs.

Our products, Access Point™ Consultant and Automated Communications Engine (ACE) are integrated within the pharmacy’s workflow without additional capital or network investment, supporting the implementation of pharmacist driven patient counselling from drop off to pick-up. Our products have been designed with the pharmacist, pharmacy staff and pharmacy workflow in mind.

Through our product’s integration with our partner pharmacy management systems and other e-healthcare technologies, our programs facilitate adherence and disease management, patient assessments, clinical professional services, and many other patient-focussed interventions in a manner that seamlessly fits within pharmacy workflow. In addition, Access Point™ Reports provides a means of measuring each program’s performance, health outcomes and other indices as required.

We work in a facilitative capacity with our pharmacy partners to deliver programs that make a positive difference in the pharmacist-patient relationship while providing incremental benefits to all stakeholders involved.

Our products use automation that prompts the right intervention for the right patient at the right time.

For Pharmacists, we…

  • advocate your unique skill set to allied health care professionals and stakeholders to further develop patient counselling tools.
  • consider your time by reviewing and interpreting regulatory requirements in a manner that creates efficiency to complete required forms. In addition, we pre-populate over 75% of required fields to complete a Medication Review the first time, and up to 90% or more is pre-populated the second and subsequent time allowing you to focus on patient health needs.
  • support communication to the patient’s physician by providing pre-formatted and customized MD Fax outputs as required.
  • support your continued patient dialogue by utilizing carry forward logic that supports continuity of care and further efficiencies going forward.

For Pharmacies, we offer…

  • solutions that recognize the changing business model in pharmacy, ensuring you maximize existing resources to gain the most from reimbursed services and other revenue generating programs.
  • professional service modules that increase efficiencies and thus reimbursable service dollars.
  • patient centric programs that provide additional counselling compensation, adherence support that increases medication utilization, and leverage front store sales.

We focus on the pharmacist –patient relationship with the objective building patient loyalty.

Compared to a dispensing system…

  • Access Point™ Consultant supports a Medication Review module that results in a minimum 72% increase in the daily average number of Annual Medication Reviews completed. In some stores, the number more than doubled.1
  • Compared to manual Medication Review follow-up identification…

    Access Point™ Consultant automation resulted in double digit increases in eligible medication reveiw types completions.2

  • Results from our automated Vaccine Adherence module…

Access Point™ Automated Communications Engine (ACE) supported telephone, email and SMS (Text) messaging follow-up resulting in significant increases in second dose and subsquent dose completions.2 This program supported both improved patient adherence as well as an opportunity for participating pharmacies to increase vaccine administration opportunities and corresponding reimbursement.

1 Results from a Head to Head comparison in retail pharmacies. This compared to a daily average using the dispensing system.
2 Results from a comparative one year analysis.

For Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and other allied healthcare stakeholders , we provide a unique facilitative opportunity to work collaboratively in the retail pharmacy setting, by creating mutually beneficial objectives in the form of patient-centric programs with a focus on empowering consumer health management. We deliver our programs in a timely, practical manner, with measurable results, in simple and adaptable terms. Examples may include but are not limited to…
  • Provision of new product patient friendly outputs to encourage good adherence from the start of therapy.
  • To expand opportunities to support patients on specialty drugs requiring additional intervention.
  • Identification of patient’s that are non-adherent to their medications, an ideal time to provide education support and/or assistance programs.
  • Identification of patient’s that may require pharmacist intervention for the purposes of changing a medication. This may be due to the introduction of a maintenance therapy, identification of a disease management issue, or the introduction of a new therapy as an adjunct to existing.
  • To create a product recommendation as a result of the patient’s utilized medications, their age, gender or other attributes, targeting the right patient at the right time for the right intervention.

For Third Party Payors, we provide a means to target patients in a manner that makes sense for your business. This may include but is not limited to…

  • Engaging pharmacists to reinforce or implement education provided via other communication methodologies, leveraging the support of a this vital heath care team member.
  • Notifying patients about available manufacturer patient assistance programs
  • To guide pharmacist therapeutic substitutions as part of a managed formulary
  • To provide a Prior Authorization form and/or automatically remind patients of coverage termination dates to ensure barriers to manage each patient’s health are removed.
  • Notifying patients about plans limits when filling is taking place.

For Dispensing Systems, we provide a customizable, agile development layer, with an extensive functional toolset, capable of efficiently providing end-user solutions, allowing you to maintain your focus on dispensing system requirements.

For e-healthcare stakeholders, due to our extensive and rapid integration capabilities with pharmacy dispensing systems, diagnostic tools, provincial platforms and other health related environments, we have the abilities to provide a middleware solution in support of pharmacist communication to allied heath care professionals and related stakeholders.

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